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Str. M.Kogalniceanu, Bl.97, Sc.E, Ap.6
Craiova, Dolj, 200390

Areas of expertise

  • Business Law
  • Commercial and Contract
  • Competition
  • Concessions
  • Company and Corporate Law
  • Employment and Labor Law
  • Extradition Proceedings
  • Insolvency/Liquidation
  • Intellectual Property, Copyright and Trademarks
  • Law Reform
  • Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals
  • Privatization
  • Project Financing/Public Private Partnerships
  • Property and Construction, Landlord & Tenant
  • Legal assistance and representation before any jurisdiction authority or institution, defense of the best interests for our clients in their relations with public authorities, institutions or any natural persons or any legal persons, Romanian or foreigner.
  • Debts retrieving
  • Legal assistance and representation before court and any other authority or institution.
  • Legal assistance and representation before legal executors.
  • Consultancy in various field of law including commercial, civil, penal, financial and fiscal law, intellectual property rights.
  • Establishing Romanian legal persons, dealing with constitutive documents.
  • Obtaining different advices and authorizations requested by law, fiscal certificates, any documents from the real estate office and other services related to the real estate office and real estate transactions.
  • Drafting of various legal documents including testaments.
  • Drafting contracts on various legal matters.
  • Assistance and legal consultancy in real estate transaction.